50kms to Seward 

The climb to Turnagain Pass made me regurcitate all that pizza that I had had 1-2 hrs before. But the scenery was worth it. These mountains are So.Very.Green!!!

I’ll be with you in a sec!

The ocean and all the creeks were more than 1hr  behind at this point and we were completely surrounded by giants.

Turnagain Arm, AK
Chugach State Park / Seward Hwy, AK

A few kms later we got to the Bertha Creek Campground, set up the tent and slept like babies for 8hrs straight despite the fact that it rained hard for a few good hours over night.

Right before calling it a day though, our French neighbour, Vincent, came over with a couple of beers. He is a mountain guide and a tree climber back in France. Apparently tree climbing is a thing there. He’s paid to collect seeds but also to teach children and adults how to climb trees and sleep in them too. I found that very interesting!

We are now in Moose Pass enjoying a copious breakfast and the famous chocolate fudge they have here.

50km till we reach Seward.

Upper Trail Lake, Moose Pass, AK

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