Fireworks in Seward

After Moose Pass we continued our journey towards Seward stopping here and there to see pretty things. 


The rain held off till the minute we set foot in Seward. Setting up a tent in the rain is not at the top of  list when you’re already cold and tired but we didn’t really have any other options if we wanted to get warm and dry. Luckily our tent site at Miller’s Landing was sheltered by a big tree (Vincent would have know what type of tree this was) and still relatively dry.

Minutes later I was in the land of dreams inside my sleeping bag while Relu chose to do the laundry. (Yep, my husband is awesome like that)

Our evening ended with a midnight paddle to see the 4th of July fireworks on the water. It seems the Americans here welcome July 4th with fireworks and end it with beer. The rain had stopped by the time the tour started and the sea was calm. A great experience, totally worth the money! Happy Birthday America!

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