Back in the saddle

Yesterday morning we said goodbye to Miller’s Landing and hit the road again for a trip to Exit Glacier before boarding the train back to Anchorage and then to Denali.

Blue bird day in Alaska!
We’re headed to that mountain in the background.


Unfortunately we did not have enough time to hike all the way up but we did have about 1hr to spend playing in the icy streams coming from the glacier. They may not look like much in the photo but some of these streams are quite deep and fast. We experienced that cold water first hand when we both fell up to our waist in one of them. Not to mention that we were very close to hitting the panic button when we found orselves in difficulty to cross back  with less then 2 hrs to go till the train departure and a 1hr bike ride to get there.

Word of the day: reckless.

It doesn’t get colder than that!
Exit Glacier in the background

Eventually we made it back in time to catch the train with our lesson learned. That train ride back to Anchorage was the most beautiful train ride we’ve ever been on.

A very picturesque train ride!
One of the many wonderful views from the train
Traveling in style!

We’re now headed to Denali to bike the Denali Park Rd and then the Denali Hwy. We might have cell reception somewhere in between but not sure where. In the worst case scenario we’ll touch base again in about 5 days but we will be using our InReach for regular updates on our location.

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