Mt Marathon. The race and the mountain. 

Our names did not get pulled this year in the race lottery but we wanted to be there and see the race anyway.

So, the morning of July 4th we left our bikes behind and walked the 5kms to downtown Seward where the party was already in full swing. 

Some very strong women were lined up at the start line this year and we were there to see them come down the mountain as well: all covered in mud, with scraped hands, bloodied knees and torn shorts. A clear indication of how fun the battle with the mountain had been. 

For the men’s race, we decided to go up the mountain hoping to see Kilian Jornet ‘in action’. Well, it turned out that Killian did not run the race which was a bit of a disappointment. 

But once at the top, the view was breathtaking! We met people that have been doing this race for more than 20yrs and it wasn’t hard to see why: it is very hard, steep and technical which also makes it very dangerous. But at the same time the course is so incredibly beautiful ! 

We spent about 2hrs at the top cheering on everyone and once the last runner passed we headed back down. Relu went all out on the downhill to test his downhill running skills on this course while I caught up with the last runner who was having a really bad day out there and decided to stay with him, cheer him up and make sure he finished. 

We spent the last part of the day around town, eating all sorts of Alaskan food (raindeer sausages! Yum!!) and then headed back to Miller’s Landing for a free fish barbecue and more celebrations. 

If you ever find yourselves in Seward and need a place to camp, we can’t recommend Miller’s Landing enough. Great location, great crew, great facilities! 

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